ACEEED is subdivided into the following subsidiaries.

ACEEED NPC works to promote Development, Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment across Economic sectors  / working with both Public and Private sector partners. As a Non-profit company all ACEEED NPC resources are invested in programmes to promote access to economic opportunities by marginalised groups.

ACEEED capital provides Business Mentorship / Coaching and Funding for existing and new ventures. ACEEED Capital manages various Funds, including Venture Capital, Bridging Finance, Youth Entrepreneurship Fund, Women Development Fund, and collaborates with various funding agencies.

The Academy provides industry / sector specific training and skills development to improve efficiency, competitiveness, and performance of African Economies.

ACEEED Academy provides skills for Employability based on industry requirements in a fast changing economic environment,

Access to cutting edge management training as well as technological and artisanal (trade specific) skills underpins our interventions.

We aim for 100% employability of all our candidates in all countries where the ACEEED Academy operates. Hence each year the Academy trains only on skills in demand by industry.

Upskilling Graduates for Employment is key to the Academy.